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There are so many things to do in Kristiansand that we don't really know where to start. Some Attractions are weather dependent and others you can do all year round. If you think of one that could be included in here, please let us know.

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Kristiansand Dyreparken (Kristiansand Zoo) Kristiansand Dyreparken

This is probably the most obvious choice. The Kristiansand Dyreparken (Kristiansand Zoo)

Odderøya Live Kristiansand Festival

Great Music festival in Kristiansand featuring top bands from around the world. 

Festival Kristiansand Festivals in Kristiansand

There is a variety of different festivals in Kristiansand. 

Ravnedalen Kristiansand

A beautiful place to visit all year round. 

Sport in Kristiansand Kristiansand Sports

There are a range of different sports that you can play in Kristiansand. 

Start football teamKristiansand Football Team - 'Start'

Kristiansand Quart Festival is one of the largest music festivals in Norway.

Bowling KristiansandKristiansand Ten Pin Bowling'

Kristiansand Metro Bowling has bowling, billiards, video games cafe and a kiosk.

Kristiansand Skiing Snow skiing in Kristiansand

There is a small ski field in Tveit Kristiansand.

Kristiansand Ski Jumping Ski Jumping in Kristiansand

A ski jumping place 40 minutes from Kristiansand.

Cross Country skiing in Kristiansand

There are many different places you can go cross country skiing in Kristiansand. market

Kristiansand Fiskebrygga Kristiansand Fiskebrygga

Kristiansand Fiskebrygga is a great place to eat or sit and enjoy the surroundings.

Agder Theatre in Kristiansand Agder Theatre Kristiansand

Agder Theatre in Kristiansand has many different acts and puppetry shows for the kids.

Norwegian Jet Fighters Kristiansand Badeland Waterpark

A massive waterpark in Kristiansand for the whole family!

Norwegian Jet Fighters Kristiansand Lighhouses

2 beautiful lighthouses along the coastline of Kristiansand

Norwegian Jet Fighters Norwegian Air Force Air Show

The Norwegian Air Force base in Kristiansand occasionally has Air Shows.

Kristiansand Paintball Paintball in Kristiansand

Kristiansand has great places to go paintballing and there are companies that can organise it for you.

Kristiansand Beaches Kristiansand Beaches

Kristiansand has the most popular beach in Norway!

Kristiansand Swimming Pool Kristiansand Swimming Pool

Kristiansand Swimming centre with a heated pool.

Fishing in Kristiansand Kristiansand Fishing

From salmon to makeral, Kristiansand is a great place to go fishing.

Waterfall in kristiansand Kristiansand Waterfall

Picturesque waterfall in Boen Kristsiansand.

Lillesand Fiskebrygga Lillesand Fiskebrygga

Lillesand is a beautiful little town on the outskirts of Kristiansand.

Lillesand Fiskebrygga Bragdøya Islands

There is an old heritage center on the Bragdøya Islands in Kristiansand.

Lillesand Fiskebrygga Vision Skatepark Kristiansand

Skating is pretty popular in Kristiansand. Here is some info on skateparks

Hunting in Kristiansand Hunting in Kristiansand

There are many types of animals that can be hunted in kristiansand - with a licence and permission.

Helicopter Tour Kristiansand Kristiansand Helicopter Tours

Get some amazing views from a helicopter ride over Kristiansand!

Kristiansand Kino Kristiansand Movie Theatre

See the latest movies at Kristiansand Cinema (Kristiansand Kino)

Kristiansand Canon Museum Kristiansand Canon museum

The Kristiansand Kanonmuseet has one of the largest canons ever built.

Kristiansand Fortress Kristiansand Fortress

The Kristiansand Fortress dates back to 1672.

Kristiansand Fortress German bunkers in Kristiansand

There are many German bunkers in Kristiansand from WWII.

Sorlandet Ship Kristiansand Sørlandet Ship Kristiansand

The Kristiansand Sørlandet Ship (Southern Land Ship) worlds oldest fully rigged ship.

Kristiansand Cathedral Kristiansand Cathedral

The Kristiansand Cathedral is a beautiful old church in the middle of the city centre.

Skydiving in Kristiansand Kristiansand Sky Diving

Skydiving over Kristiansand is an amazing experience.

Kristiansand City Tourist Train Kristiansand City Train

The Kristiansand Sesame City train is a great way for the kids to see the city centre and other highlight




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