Kristiansand Waterpark (badeland)

Kristiansand Zoo

The Kristiansand Waterpark (Badeland) is a massive park with loads of waterslides and pools.

It is located next to the Kristiansand Zoo and it has 11 slides - most of which are outdoor slides.

One of the waterslides is a whopping 230 meters long!

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Badelandet island is just under 23 acres. The indoor facility is 1800 square meters large,
including locker rooms and showers. There are total of 750 lockers inside and outside.

Kristiansand Waterpark Tickets:
Badelandet is located next to the Kristiansand zoo (dyrepark).
There are many different options when buying tickets.

Individual badeland tickets or individual Zoo tickets
Most locals have yearly passes.

Peak Season Kristiansand Waterpark tickets
Day Pass Child Waterpark - 230kr
Adult pass waterpark - 260kr

Off peak Season Kristiansand Waterpark tickets
Day Pass Child Waterpark - 120kr
Adult pass waterpark - 140kr

To find out more information on the Kristiansand Waterpark (badeland) you can visit their website

How to book Tickets
If you want to book tickets for the Captain Sabeltann (Sabertooth) shows, you can ring +47 97 05 98 00 or a ticketing service +47 815 33 133. If you want to book day passes, weekend passes etc, you can go to the Kristiansand Zoo website

Parking at Badeland and Parking at Dyreparken
There is ample parking at the Dyrepark and Badeland (they are the same actually).
From 18th June to the 14th of August, it costs 40kr per day - but if you have a season ticket it is free.

Bus to Kristiansand Waterpark
You can catch a bus from the city centre to the Kristiansand Zoo.



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