Fortress in Kristiansand

Christiansholm Fortress Kristiansand
In the city of Kristiansand stands an old fortress built 1672 by Fredrik III. It is located next to the city beach in the centre of town and once guarded the coastline entering the city of Kristiansand. The site is known as the Christiansholm Fortress.

The rotunda has 5 m thick walls. It is open from 15 May to 15 September, 09.00-21.00. Guiding by appointment as they have weddings and other functions there. Phone: +47 38 07 51 50

German Coastal Defence Fort at Ny-Hellesund

At Ny-Hellesund, there is a German coastal defence fort from World War 2 and it has free public admission.
Ny-Hellesund is a small island, so you need to get there via boat. You can catch the M/S Høllen from Søgne or take your own boat.

You can also get a guided tour if you like.

Address: 4640 Søgne
Phone: 38 05 55 55

Festung Birchstrasse Fortress Kristiansand

Festung Birchstrasse is loacted on the coastline of Kristiansand.
This fortress was made to defend the coastline from allied atacks.
It was made by the Germans in 1942 and had 7 anti-aircraft positions, several bunkers and tunnels.

Apparently there were about 360 soldiers stationed there and it was protected by mines and fences.

Møvik Fort and bunker system Kristiansand

Møvik Fort was a coastal defence system and was made by the Germans in World War 2.
It was part of the german line of defence called the 'Atlantic Wall' which was designed to defend the coast of Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands.

Rossevann festningsanlegg German Fort Kristiansand
There is a small fort at Rossevann that is pretty much a skeleton. To get there, use the path from Rosselandsveien, Brennåsen which is next to the 'Hydro Texaco' petrol station on E-39. This path travels east to Vågsbygd and west to Søgne.




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