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13th January 2012 - There is NO SNOW at the Kristiansand Ski centre (also known as the Tveit Skisenter). Check out their website at or their facebook page for the latest info - It is usually open at 5pm during the week until 9pm and from 11am on Saturdays and Sundays. Enjoy. Lots of fun.

Tveit Skisenter

Kristiansand is not known for snow skiing however there is a small ski field in Kristiansand - 10 minutes from the city centre in a little town called Tveit.

The ski field only opens if there is enough snow and this is usually for about 1 month of the year. There is no contact phone number for the ski field, you just need to turn up and see if it is open.

Kristiansand Ski Centre

The past few years it has been unreliable and last year (2007) it was open for about 2.5 weeks.

When it is open it is great fun. There is one lift and one run. It is for both beginners and experienced skiers depending on which part of the run you ski on. Usually there is also ski jumps there.

It is located on the road leading to the Kristiansand Kjevik Airport (500metres before you turn off to the airport) on the right hand side. It is also 50 metres before the turn off to Dønnestadveien.

skiing in kristiansand

Many of the locals use this field during the week in the winter and then go to Hovden on the weekends.
Hovden is a ski resort about 3.5 hours from Tveit.










 20 runs


 10 runs



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