Fishing in Kristiansand

To catch and eat a salmon from one of the many rivers in Norway is an amazing experience. The water is very clean as is the environment which makes for a pleasant experience. Kristiansand is no exception. It is quite common to see cars from different countries parked by the river and the occupants out fishing.

BUT remember to buy a licence as the penalties are big!

Fishing permits and the Norwegian National Fishing Licence

When you purchase your fishing permit, a valid receipt for a Norwegian National Fishing Licence (duty to the state) must be shown, and both should be kept with you while fishing. The National Fishing Licence for salmon costs NOK 200,- and can be bought at the post office.

People regularly patrol this river to see if people are fishing without a licence. If you get caught doing this, it is a big fine.

Catch reports – deposits

All fishermen must return the fishing permit and fill in the catch report by September 15. The deposits are NOK 100,- for day and week, and 200,- for season permits.

Fishing season

Zone 1: June 1st - Sept. 15th

Zone 5: Jan 1st - Des. 31st

Guidelines to be observed when fishing

- Commence fishing in the highest part of the zone or where it seems natural to start.

- Always start upstream from people already fishing in the river if possible.

- If the spot of your choice is already occupied, wait for this fisherman to have moved downstream before you enter

Fishing equipment

You are allowed to use fly, lure or worm in all zones, except zone 2 where floater and fly is not allowed. Fishing with live-bait is illegal and offenders will be reported to the police. In order to prevent spreading the parasite Gyrodactylus salaris it is illegal to use a sinker or float filled with water. Deliberate foul-hooking, or snagging, is also illegal.

Bag limits

Maximum of 5 salmon or sea trout per angler per day. All kelts (overwintered salmon) must be released.

Be aware of diseases

All your fishing equipment will have to be disinfected before fishing starts.

The sales offices sell permits to all the zones in the river

Places where you can purchase the permits with opening times;
Grønberg Sport 9-17 (9-19 thu) 9-15
Tveit Snarkjøp 9-20 9-19/12-18
Sentrum Video Birkeland 14-23 all day
Herefoss senter 09 - 17 all day

Card type Sone1 Sone 2* Sone 3 Sone 4, inkl sone 5 + Deposit
Day 100,- 200,- 100,- 100,- 100,-
Week 150,- 400,- 300,- 200,-
Season 300,- 600,- 500,- 200,-

Zone 1: Only fishing from boats is permitted.
Zone 2: Fishing with floater is not allowed.
In Zone 2 is it a limited sale of 7 permits a day.

Fishing permits are available from 12.00 to 12.00 next day.



Kristiansand Images Some beautiful pictures of Kristiansand.

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