Ski Jumping Kristiansand

Sandripheia Skisenter in Øvrebø.
There is a ski jumping slope 40 minutes out of Kristiansand called Sandripheia Skisenter in Øvrebø. (Also has fantastic cross country skiing) They usually have ski jumping competitions on a Saturday when there is enough snow. It is now open as from (08/02). There is no official opening date, just when there is enough snow. It is also open during the summer months for outdoor activities.

The construction and operation of the Sandripheia Ski Senter is a Inter-kommunal project between Kristiansand, Vennesla, Sogn og Sogn Valley.

There are long cross country skiing trails of 3.4 km which is made of rich and varied terrain. The area is otherwise suitable for tours all year round.

The area has several ski jumps hills with lighting. There was a large ski jumping tower that burned down the summer of 2008. Apparently building work will start as soon as the insurance issue is settled. You are not allowed to sled on the ski jump.

There is plenty of parking available - but you will need winter tyres to get there in the winter as the roads can be slippery.

There is two snow cannons to ensure good snow cover as soon as conditions permit snow kaking. Kristiansand and Vennesla council are responsible for it along with the trail run.

It is for semi professional ski jumpers but the locals also go there to practise. The maximum
distance that you can jump is about 50 metres.

Next to the slope is a kids jump. This is a good place to start for beginners and is a lot of fun. You can contact the Sandripheia Skisenter on the details below if you would like to
participate in a competition. They have a kiosk with hot food and drink and toilets which can be rented out to businesses and individuals. This is open Saturdays and Sundays when there is enough snow. There is no chair lift to the top of the jump, just a walkway. Good exercise!

It is a great day out and fantastic for photos, so we recommend you take a trip out there.

To get there, you drive to Vennesla from Kristiansand and then to Øvrebø and follow the sign to Sandrip. There is an interactive map at the bottom of the page.

The manager of Sandripheia Skisenter is Per Svein Holte and he can be contacted on email -
The caretaker of the centre is Lars Olsen on mobile: 99 40 11 73

View from the top of the largest ski jump


Local Johnny Ryen ski jumping - distance of 35 metres



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