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Kristiansand Bars

Kristiansand has a good range of bars and pubs to choose from. There is a bar on the water where you can park your boat and there are bars with bands and quieter bars for the older folk. You are not allowed to smoke inside the bar - as is the case with all bars in Norway. People in Kristiansand are very sociable and Saturday tends to be the biggest night out in town.

There are about 10 bars in town. A beer will cost around 56 kroner and a mixed rink around 100 kroner. (For currency conversion use It is very expensive to go out drinking anywhere in Norway. The taxes are very high on alcohol, so Norwegians tend to have a pre-party somewhere before going out to a bar in Kristiansand. So the bars in Kristiansand tend to fill up at around 10.00pm and thereafter. Expect to stand in a queue if you arrive after 11pm.

There is a good bus network, so most people going out in Kristiansand, take the bus into the city centre.

Thankfully there are also night buses (up until 2am) so that you don't need to worry about getting an expensive taxi home. As an example, if you lived near the Kristiansand Airport, you would spend about 500 NOK on a taxi home from the city. So, before planning a night out, check the bus timetables first.

The latest the clubs and bars are open til in Kristiansand is 3am.

We have a list of the bars in Kristiansand below. We will add these addresses to the Google Map soon as well as pictures of each of the bars.

If you want to buy beer, wine or spirits, see our Shopping in Kristiansand page.

Bakgården Bar Kristiansand

Bakgarden Bar and Restaurant Kristiansand

Bakgården Bar Kristiansand
Bakgården is for an older crowd, but has a good atmosphere. It gets very busy there and is usually a queue to get in, so get there early. They also have meals and have a lot of advertising on taxis in Kristiansand. If you see a taxi with a black cat on it, it is most likely Bakgården.

Tollbodgata 5
4611 Kristiansand, Norway
+47 38 02 12 11‎

Bar Kristiansand

Haandverkeren Bar Kristiansand
Haandverkeren is a new bar in Kristiansand that has recently opened. They have nice meals and an open fire place which is fantastic in the winter. Very cosy. It is one of the oldest buildings in Kristiansand, so the interior is old wood and there is a cows head over the fireplace. Interesting touch! As it is a new bar in Kristiansand, they only serve beers and wine as is the rule. It has an older crowd.

It is located in Festningsgata not far from the main Kristiansand police station.

Telfords bar Kristiansand
Telfords pub has an older crowd
and is located next to the cinema
(Same address details as Lobby Bar)

Telfords bar Kristiansand

The Lobby Bar
Kristiansand - Caledonien Hotel (SAS Radisson)
The Lobby Bar also has an older crowd. When the Dark Seasons Music weekend is on, bands usually play here - and it is always packed with people on these nights.

Vestre Strandgate 7
4610 Kristiansand, Norway
+47 38 11 21 00‎‎

Spot nightclub Kristiansand

Spot Nightclub Kristiansand
The Spot nightclub is a new nighclub that has recently opened in Kristiansand.
Dronningens gate 66
4610 Kristiansand, Norway
+47 38 12 54 00

Ernst Hotel bar Kristiansand -
The Ernst bar is located in the Clarion hotel with address details as per below.

Africa Bar Kristiansand
The Africa Bar is located at the
Clarion Hotel in Kristiansand and it has a younger crowd.

Rådhusgata 2
4611 Kristiansand, Norway
+47 38 12 86 00

Havana Bar Kristiansand

Havana Bar Kristiansand
The Havana Bar has a younger crowd and they usually have bands playing there. The Party Boys (A Norwegian rap band - play there every now and then)

Vestre Strandgate 23
4611 Kristiansand, Norway
38 02 96 66

Frk Larsen - Cafe/Bar in Kristiansand

Frk Larsen Kristiansand

Frk Larsen is a great cafe and bar in the centre of town. They have great hamburgers and they also have a private bar that can be hired for parties.

Markens gate 5
4610 Kristiansand
(+47) 38 07 14 13

bar Kristiansand
Hartmanns Bar Kristiansand
For a nice atmosphere in the summer, Hartmanns is a great spot on the water with a mixed crowd. It is on the beach at Østre Strandg. +47 38 12 07 20 (Picture Below)

Harveys Sports Bar Kristiansand

Harveys Sports Bar Kristiansand
For the younger folk there is Harveys which has big screens for Sports. They have mid week specials on meals and beers for students. The address for Harveys Bar in Kristiansand is

Harvey's Sportsbar
Tollbodgata 5, 4611 Kristiansand
+47 38 07 23 05

Patricks Irish Pub Kristiansand

Patricks Pub and restaurant in Kristiansand
This Irish bar has what you would expect - Irish ales and a good atmosphere. The burgers are very good there and you get a good sized meal for what you spend. Recently we went to Patrick's Pub and Restaurant in the centre of town and had a meal. It was very nice food and the place reminds you of a local pub in London or Ireland. Quite cosy.

Markensgaten 10
4611 Kristiansand S
+47 400 019 58

Kick Cafe Kristiansand

Kick Cafe Kristiansand
Kick Cafe Bar and restaurant is the most popular bar/nightclub in Kristiansand. They have a large outdoor area which is fantastic in the summer. It is open quite late and is 2 streets down in Dronningens gata.

Dronningens gate 8
4610 Kristiansand, Norway
+47 38 02 83 30

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