Gyms in Kristiansand Norway

There are 9 gyms in Kristiansand. There is 1 located in the city centre called Spenst and there is one in Sorlandsparken called Shapes. Prices vary with the memberships from 299 kroner per month to 600 kroner per month. The largest gym in Kristiansand is Spicheren. It is a student gym, but anyone can be a member. They have climbing, basketball and many other sports.

If you need a gym that is open 24 hours, then 24-7 fitness at Sorlandsparken is for you. When you join, you are given an access key so you can come and go as you please. Their membership is also one of the cheapest.

The gym in Lund is owned by an American who is a professional muscle coach and the Oxygo gym is at the Kristiansand football stadium.

Here is a list of the gyms in Kristiansand. If you click on the link for more information on the gym, it will take you to another website called Gymlink. This is Norway's gym portal.

Fitness 24/7
Skibsåsen 44, Sørlandsparken
4636 Kristiansand, 98 28 60 03
Lund Treningssenter
Marviksveinen 1, 4631 Kristiansand
38 02 30 01
Spenst Kristiansand Sentrum
Henrik Wergelands g 29, 4612 Kristiansand
38 02 38 00
Oxygo treningssenter
Stadionveien 21, Lundsiden, 4688 Kristiansand
47 47 63 63
Spicheren Treningssenter
Gimlemoen 1, 4630 Kristiansand
400 05 995
Trim &amp Trivsel Helsestudio
Kr4desgt.22 - Kristiansand
38 02 07 50
Nautilus Gym & Bad
Elveg. 1, 4610 Kristiansand
38 12 28 90
Randesund Fysioterapi og Treningssenter
Hånesv. 8, 4635 Kristiansand
38 14 83 80
Kristiansand Sportsenter 
Dronningensg 52, 4610 Kristiansand S
38 02 57 90


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