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There is a map at the bottom of the page with the location of the fire brigade, police station, hospital at Veterinary Clinic.


Kristiansand Fire Station

Kristiansand Fire Service

Address: Torridalsvn. 39 Kristiansand

Phone: +47 38 07 50 00

The Kristiansand Fire Brigade often has open days for the kids (mostly in the summer). It is a great day out where they can eat sausages from the bbqs, ride in the trucks and go up the 180 foot lifts.


Kristiansand Police Station

Kristiansand Police (Kristiansand politistasjon)

Kristiansand Police Station

Contact Details
Address: Tollbodgata 45
Overseas Number: +47 02 800
Local Number: 38 13 60 00
fax: +47 38 02 48 44
Web: www.politi.no
Email: post.agder@politiet.no

Kristiansand has a major Police Station in the city centre and you will often see them patrolling in and around the city. Their officers speak English and are very helpful if you go into the station reception area.


Kristiansand Hospital

Kristiansand Hospital

Sørlandet sykehus HF
Phone: +47 380 73000
Email: postmottak@sshf.no

Web: www.sorlandetsykehus.no 

Kristiansand Hospital

As you would expect, Kristiansand has a very good health care system. As a result, the hospitals are very good and rarely do you hear of someone complaining about the service



Kristiansand Centrum, Kristiansand City Centre



Kristiansand Images Some beautiful pictures of Kristiansand.

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